(AMZN) Opens Digital Media Center in London For Entertainment Content Development

  on Jul 24,2012 Posted in Business News ,International
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We're on (NASDAQ:AMZN), whose strategy is partly focused on digital entertainment, announced this week the opening of its new digital media development center in London. Employees of its London-based subsidiaries Pushbutton and LOVEFiLM will move to the new place before the end of this year. UK headquarters of Amazon are located in Slough, just outside London.

The center which has been built near the Silicon Roundabout in East Central London, aims to become the epicenter of technological innovation in the British capital which is becoming a magnet for new technology projects.

Paula Byrne, CEO of Pushbutton told The Daily Telegraph that, “We are creating a center of excellence for the design and development of the next generation of television and film services for a wide range of digital devices.

The center will have a workforce of several hundred people, mostly developers responsible for creating services for web, mobile platforms and TV. It has already stared hiring and while Pushbutton is looking for skilled HTML5 video codec developers, LOVEFiLM has just posted twenty new positions for digital media experts.

London Mayor Boris Johnson considers the opening of Amazon (AMZN)’s Digital Media Development Center as ‘another strong string to the bow’ expressing the view that UK is on the fore-front in adopting on-demand services.

The choice of London for establishing such center is given by the trajectory of British video on demand industry, which is a pioneer in this field. Similarly, the two services purchased by Amazon in this market, LOVEFiLM and Pushbutton are also located in London. (NASDAQ:AMZN) has made great efforts in recent years to make its presence felt in the digital content market, thanks to a series of announcements and signings. In addition to produce their own content, the firm has closed several contracts with production houses, most recently being the Warner Bros to bring popular shows like The West Wing to its online video service. The London center will further improve company’s visibility in the digital world by creating digital services that will improve the user experience with its digital content and APIs.

It is very interesting to notice here that Amazon continues to expand in the UK market without paying taxes to the British government! It was reported recently that, in the last three years Amazon made over 7.6 billion pounds through its business in the country but didn’t pay a penny in taxes. It is also reported that the UK government is now investigating this matter.




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