Best Five Year to Date Performers of Financial Sector – GNW, MS, JNS, NCT, BX

  on Jan 21,2013 Posted in Finance ,Investment Ideas
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Year-to-date performance is used in numerous contexts, especially for recording results of an activity in the time between a specific date and the start of the year, either calendar or fiscal.

Year to date in the context of finance is often offered in financial statements detailing the performance of a business entity. Offering current YTD results, in addition to Year to date results for one or more earlier years as of the same date, allows owners, managers, investors, and other stakeholders to evaluate the firm’s present performance to that of previous periods.

Stock Year to date performance shows the return so far current year. Like fit the year to date return for the security is 8% so it means from the stock hiked 8% from January 1 to current year to date. In this article we will discuss best five year to date performers of financial sector with average market volume over two million.

Genworth Financial Inc (NYSE:GNW) is the best YTD performer with 21.84% value among services sector with market volume over 2 million in financial sector. The Richmond, Virginia based company has the market capitalization of $4.50 billion while its P/B ratio was 0.27. Institutional investors own 76% stake in the company while beta factor, which is used to measure riskiness of the security, was 3.08. Net profit margin of GNW was 4.29% while its operating profit margin was 5.46%.

Second best YTD performer among financial sector is Morgan Stanley (NYSE:MS). The year to date performance of financial giants was booked as 17.05% while its market capitalization was 44.19 billion. The institutional ownership of the bank was 61% while its debt to equity ratio was 2.88%. Return on equity was -1.41% while return on assets was booked as -0.03%. Shares of the company were moving ahead of SMA 20 with 14.07% and head off SMA 50 with 24.16%.

Janus Capital Group Inc (NYSE:JNS) has market capitalization of 1.84 billion. Its current ratio was 6.10 while its shares were moving ahead of its 50 days simple moving average with 15.72%. The company offered earning per share of 0.58 while its 187.21 million shares were outstanding. YTD performance of the financial company was 15.38%. Stock volatility for the week was 2.50% while for the month was booked as 2.51%.

Another stock from the similar group Newcastle Investment Corp (NYSE:NCT) has the market capitalization of 1.73 billion. The company EPS was 2.71 while its 172.52 million shares were outstanding. Its institutional ownership was 37%. Shares of the company were moving ahead of 20 days simple moving average with 9.06% while its YTD performance was 15.21%. The company earned $391.38 million in previous 12 months.

The Blackstone Group LP (NYSE:BX) is the fifth best company according to the YTD performance. Blackstone has market capitalization of 22.01 billion while its P/E ratio was 109.02. Net profit margin of company was 31.13% while its operating profit margin was 12.67%. Shares of the company were moving ahead of SMA 50 average with 16.29% and 20 days simple moving average with 9.73% while YTD performance was 13.73%.

Disclosure: The views and opinions expressed in this article are exclusively those of the authors who have no stake in any stocks mentioned, and hold no plan to acquire any stake within the next 5 days.



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