Paris Talks to Push Tougher Sanctions Against Assad Regime

Frieds of Syria

Talks are being held in Paris with representatives from more than 100 countries in a fresh attempt to decide what should be done to end the violence in Syria. Syrian opposition leaders are pressing diplomats for a no-fly zone over Syria, but the U.S....  [...]

Facebook Inc (FB) going for gold, invests in Asia-Pacific internet cable project


Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) will collaborate and invest in the Asia Pacific Gateway project, which includes the development of an undersea cable network that will benefit eight countries in the Asia Pacific region. It was reported on BBC yesterday that Facebook...  [...]

NATO Supply From Pakistan to Afghanistan Resumes

Nato Supply

After a seven month gap, the first trucks carrying supplies for NATO troops in Afghanistan crossed the southwestern border post at Chaman. Pakistan agreed to reopen NATO supply routes on Tuesday after Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton made a telephone...  [...]

Controversial Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement Rejected by EU


The EU has thrown out the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), following massive public opposition from several key countries, including Germany and Poland. They have backed away from the deal amid large-scale protests in several European cities. Earlier,...  [...]

Cyprus Expecting Financial Aid From Russia to Recapitalize its Banking System


Cyprus’s president expressed confidence that his government will get a loan from Russia on Thursday, saying he was hoping to secure more financial support from Moscow as well as from the European Union. He requested a European bailout last week...  [...]

Barclays CEO Robert Diamond Quits

Barcleys CEO Diamod

Barclays CEO Robert Diamond, stepped down on Tuesday, a little more than a year after taking the bank’s top position. Diamond had previously run its investment banking unit. Barclays is one of Europe’s largest banks. Diamond, who once said...  [...]

British Policy Makers Are Seeking New Terms to Spur Public Investment

UK recovery

British economy had faced the worst recession in 1930s since then now British policymakers are looking for lessons in their track for a way out of the country’s longest slump. The deteriorating Britain’s budget deficit was the main goal of the...  [...]

Japan’s Industrial Output and CPI Declined Since 2011 Quake

Japan Industrail

Japan’s CPI (consumer prices declined) and industrial output fell down the most since March 2011 earthquake bolstering the case for extra stimulus to sustain the nation’s economic recovery. A sharp decline of 3.1 percent in production was witnessed...  [...]

European leaders sound divided before summit


European leaders look unusually divided before a highly up summit. The views of Germany’s Angela Merkel is that total debt liability would not be shared in her lifetime and she is giving little support to Spanish and Italian pleas for taking immediate...  [...]

Turkey Called NATO Allies to Discuss Downing of Turkish Jet

Nato Envoys

Turkey turns to its NATO allies on Tuesday at a special meeting held after an incident of last week when Syrian troops shot down a Turkish warplane, when Damascus claimed it an act of self defense but Ankara branded it an “act of aggression”. In...  [...]