For 5 Small-Cap Stocks, The RSI Falls Below 25


RSI is a popular technical tool that is used to measure the overall trend behind price swings. Traders can predict whether a momentum is coming to an end and whether situatations are overbought or oversold. There have been subsequent interpretations and...  [...]

5 Mid-Cap Stocks Effectively Using Capital To Generate Profit


Return on investment or simply ROI, expressed usually as a percentage, is a measure of a corporation’s profitability. It is calculated as a fiscal year’s income divided by common stock and preferred stock equity plus long-term debt. The ratio...  [...]

7 Stocks Set To Go Ex-Dividend On August 17, 2012


Do you know the ex-dividend date of a stock is perhaps one of the most confusing concepts to beginning dividend investors. Precisely, this is the date when you are required to own the stock in order to receive the next dividend. The point to note is that...  [...]

8 Stocks To Go Ex-Dividend On August 14, 2012


A dividend is the amount paid by a company to its shareholders. Ex-dividend dates help make sure dividend checks go to the right people. The settlement of stocks is generally a T+3 process, which indicates that when you purchase a stock, it takes three...  [...]

Seven Basic Materials Stocks in NYSE with Best ROE Ratio


Return on equity calculates the rate of return on the money invested by common stock owners and retained by the corporation thanks to earlier profitable years. The ration shows a corporation’s ability to make profits from shareholders’ equity. In...  [...]

9 Stocks With A Long String Of Dividend Raises


Dividend policy is related to making a decision to pay a cash dividend in the present or pay an increased dividend at some stage later. The dividend can also be paid in the form of stock dividends which, unlike cash dividends, do not provide liquidity...  [...]

8 Stocks To Go Ex-dividend On July 25, 2012


While making any investment, reasonable growth and return are two very key elements we should consider. For investment in the stock market, the growth can be the growth of a company we have invested in. Usually, the return should be in form of dividend...  [...]

7 Stocks With Stable Dividend Growth Since 1993


The payout policy of a company drives the stability of dividends. When a stable dividend payout policy is followed, the proportion of profit paid out as dividends remain constant irrespective of the level of earnings. Thus, as profit fluctuates, the company’s...  [...]

5 Small-Cap Stocks Near 52-Week Highs That Foresee Strong EPS Growth Next Year


Are you in search of stocks not only does currently perform well but also are predicted to sustain the upward trend? 5 small cap stocks are trading near 52-week highs and forecast high EPS growth over the next financial year. Why picked small-cap? Because...  [...]

The Number of Mobile Phones Will Soon Exceed the Number of Humans


On Tuesday, the World Bank published a report which estimates that three quarters of the world population (or about 5.5 billion people) are equipped with mobile phones. The number of worldwide subscriptions to mobile phones, packaged or prepaid, rose...  [...]