Investment Ideas

Institutional Ownership Roundup; Five Industrial Goods Stocks with Higher IO Ratio – KBH, RSG, SPR, MAS, MDR


Institutional ownership is the ownership of a substantial stake in a corporation by an institution like a mutual fund, pension fund or a large institutional investor, as shown by the number or percentage of the firm’s outstanding shares. Corporations...  [...]

Investors Can Earn More by Investing Risky Stocks; Highlights of Five Basic Material Sector Risky Stocks – DAN, ZQK, GT, F, IP


Beta value of a security is the gauge of the stock volatility in relation with the volatility of market. Beta is a simple and key indicator that all traders and investors should be aware of. Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) is used to calculate beta...  [...]

Financial Overview of Five Healthcare S&P 500 Stocks with Impressive Profitability – ISRG, CELG, AMGN, GILD, BIIB

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Standard & Poor’s 500 Index or S&P 500 is an index of 500 companies chosen for market size, liquidity and industry grouping, among few other factors. The S&P 500 is a leading indicator of United States equities and is doomed to show the...  [...]

Financial Review of High EPS Growth Stocks of Services Sector in Previous Five Years – KORS, FIS, EBAY, NFLX, DG


Earnings per share is define as a firm’s profit divided by its number of common outstanding shares. For example, if a corporation earning $2 million in one year had 2 million common shares of stock outstanding, its Earnings per share would be $1 a share. The...  [...]

Best Five Dow Jones Components with Strong Liquidity Position; Current Ratio Recap – CSCO, MSFT, INTC, MRK, MMM


Liquidity ratios are used to determine a firm’s ability to pay off its short-term debt obligations. Stock investors often take a close look at liquidity ratios of the company when performing fundamental analysis. The company having a problem to meet...  [...]

Opportunity for Risk Averse Investors to Get Good Return; Analysis of Top 5 Dividend Yield Paying Blue Chip Stocks – T, VZ, INTC, MRK, DD


Dividend yield is defined as the amount a company pays to its shareholders on yearly basis for their investments. Dividend yield ratio is shown as a percentage and indicates magnetism of investing in a company’s shares. Dividend yield is considered...  [...]

Best Five Year to Date Performers of Financial Sector – GNW, MS, JNS, NCT, BX


Year-to-date performance is used in numerous contexts, especially for recording results of an activity in the time between a specific date and the start of the year, either calendar or fiscal. Year to date in the context of finance is often offered in...  [...]

RSI Analysis of Technology Sector; Financial Overview of Five Stocks Lives in Overbought Territory – CMVT, AMAT, MU, SNDK, STX

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Relative strength index or RSI is a technical instrument used in the analysis of financial markets. RSI analysis is planned to chart the present and historical strength or weakness of a security or market based on the closing prices of a recent trading...  [...]

Basic Material Stocks Moving Ahead of SMA 50 with Average Market Volume Over Two Million – HERO, TC, SWC, LNG, LYB


Moving average is a technical analysis term showing the median price of a stock over a specified time period. Simple moving average is used to spot pricing trends by flattening out big fluctuations. Simple moving average is perhaps the most commonly used...  [...]

Profitability Analysis of Top Five Services Sector Heavyweights – WMT, V, AMZN, CMCSA, HD


Profitability ratios are a set of financial metrics that are used to assess a firm’s ability to produce earnings as evaluated against its outlays and other relevant expenses incurred during a specific period of time. For most of profitability ratios,...  [...]