Dividend Ideas

7 Ex-Dividend stocks on December 18, 2012 – (TOFC, TIF, SUNS, MAIN, LVS, CNH, ARCO)


You may not know that the Ex-dividend Date is one of the most important dates to remember for dividend paying stocks. If an investor purchases a stock ahead of the Ex-dividend Date, and do not sell before that date and is a stockholder on the Record Date...  [...]

Attractive Dividends Vs Savings Account – (OIBR, PBI, RRD, FTE, NLY)


Are you interested in making money off of your stock? Looking at the yield of the stock can be important for you. The dividend yield of a stock also works well as a good indicator of the value of the company. It also helps you determine whether or not...  [...]

How the ex-dividend date makes you ineligible to receive the dividend? – (TOFC, LVS, SLRC, TIF, MAIN, CNH)


You may like to find answer for the question, who gets the dividend? Since shares are exchanged throughout the year, and dividends announced just a few times in a year, it becomes essential to set a date, and say that whoever owns the shares on that particular...  [...]

Oracle Corporation (NASDAQ:ORCL) decides to pay three of next year’s quarterly dividends

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Oracle Corporation (NASDAQ:ORCL) has decided to pay three of next year’s quarterly dividends in 2012 in an attempt to reduce the possible tax hikes for its shareholders. The company declared that it is going to pay the dividend of Q-2, Q-3, and...  [...]

5 Companies with a Long String of Dividend raises – (SO, TEVA, UL, NUE, GWW)


Many of you may have seen when the stock price trends downward, the company’s capitalization also moves down. A good dividend return helps the stock to maintain stability in the price because it gathers attraction of institutional and wealthy private...  [...]

Stocks set to go ex-dividend on December 5, 2012 – (WMT, WLP, SWK, QCOM, PDLI, KMB, JCI)


In the equity markets, companies that declare dividends are often a part of a fair investment portfolio. These dividend-paying companies distribute some of their net income as a regular dividend to their investors. The reason why these gain traction is...  [...]

Stocks with a long history of paying dividends – (FAST, KMP, NKE, OXY, NCS)


One way to realize the stability of dividends is the distribution of the same ordinary dividend year after year. In amazingly strong financial years, some unexpected dividends may be paid out. But investors should not wait for these added dividends every...  [...]

Stocks set to go ex-dividend on November 21, 2012 – (UBCP, WDR, VMC, NOC, RDN, RHI, SB, TKR)

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Which dates should you know regarding the distribution of dividends? First, dividend record dates are critical as they conclude who will be entitled to receive a payment when a company issues dividend checks. Everyone legally registered as an investor...  [...]

Stocks set to go ex-dividend on November 15, 2012 – (WYN, VLO, TGT, MRO, FDX, NTI, PGH, CNK)

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We all are living in the computer age, but still it takes time to settle a stock transaction and register new stockholders with the company. Once a company has declared dividend, an ex-dividend date is assigned by the exchange on which its stock is traded....  [...]

Stocks approaching their ex-dividend date on November 2, 2012 – (RGP, MMP, WSTG, CDI, STEL, CAW, KMT)


Once a company has made its dividend announcement, an ex-dividend date is assigned by the exchange on which its stock is traded. This date is normally two business days ahead of the record date, and stocks which are declared ex-dividend (without dividend)...  [...]