Small Cap Ideas

5 Small Cap Stocks with High EPS growth forecast, trading near record high – (HL, MPW, RYL, OEH, PHH)


Many of you may be seeking stocks that are not only currently performing well but also projected to maintain the uptrend. 5 small cap stocks are trading near 52-week highs and anticipate high EPS growth over the coming year. Why picked small-cap? Because...  [...]

Small Cap Stocks with Upbeat 1-year Expected EPS growth, trading near Highs – (KBH, BZH, SPF, MWA)


You may like to find stocks not performing well only for now but also predicted to sustain the upward trend. 5 small cap stocks are trading near 52-week highs and forecast high EPS growth over the next financial year. Why pick small-cap? Because they...  [...]

Five Small-Cap Regional Banks With Payout Ratio Between 30% to 45% – (JNS, NPBC, ONB, CVBF, SNV)


One way to determine various characteristics and operations of the company is to look at its payout ratio. Small fast-growing companies are more inclined toward reinvesting their earnings in the business in order to increase their presence and maintain...  [...]

5 Small-Cap Stocks Identified As Undervalued In The Technology Sector – (SPWR, GTAT, TSL, FSLR, CIEN)


The Price-to-sales ratio is useful because it compares the current stock price to the yearly sales. In other words, it helps you find out how much the stock costs per dollar of sales earned. It is calculated as the current stock price divided by the annual...  [...]

4 Undervalued Small Cap Stocks With Impressive Sales History In The Residential Construction Industry – (BZH, KBH, GFA, HOV)


The Price to Sales Ratio (Price/Sales) is a stock valuation tool figured the same way as P/E, except with a company’s annual sales as the denominator instead of its earnings. What is an advantage of using the P/S ratio? It is based on sales, a number...  [...]

Small Cap Top Weekly Gainers In The Services Sector – (CKP, ANN, FRAN, OMX, MWW)


Investors appear to have been disappointed with the latest earnings reports and outlooks for the coming months of several companies engaged in providing online travel services. Issues related to macroeconomic instability and weakness in Europe seem to...  [...]

For 5 Small-Cap Stocks, The RSI Falls Below 25


RSI is a popular technical tool that is used to measure the overall trend behind price swings. Traders can predict whether a momentum is coming to an end and whether situatations are overbought or oversold. There have been subsequent interpretations and...  [...]

5 Small-Cap Dividend Stocks In The Financial Sector With High Yield – (SAN, ARCT, NCT, AINV, PSEC)


Dividend yield is a measure used to find what percentage an investor is earning in the form of dividends. The ratio tells investors to contrast the most recent dividend they received with the current market value of the share as a sign of the return they...  [...]

Small-Cap Silver Miners Up 9% Compared To Their Lows On Record – (HL, CDE, SVM, EXK, SSRI)


Companies in the Silver industry have been facing challenges for much of the year as both pricing and demand levels fluctuated, making it difficult to boost revenues. Hecla Mining Company (NYSE:HL) shows this trend. The company has currently faced revenue...  [...]

5 Small-Cap Dividend Stocks With High Payout Ratio – (ARR, SAN, WEN, PDLI, CY)


For those who do not know about dividend payout ratio, this is a ratio which measures the percentage of a company’s earnings that are distributed among shareholders as dividends. When a company reports net income, it has the option to reinvest that...  [...]