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Texas Governor Rick Perry Rejects the Provisions of Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

Rick Perry

Texas Governor Rick Perry said on Monday that he will not implement an expansion of the Medicaid insurance program or create a health insurance exchange, just by placing the state’s highest percentage of people without insurance outside key parts of...  [...]

Obama Will Push to Extend Bush Era Tax Cuts


President Obama on Monday will launch a push to extend the so-called Bush era tax cuts for low and middle-income Americans, and he intends on fighting the cuts which, expire on Jan. 1, for the people earning more than $250,000. According to a senior Obama...  [...]

US Declared Afghanistan a Major Non-NATO Ally

France Syria Diplomacy

U.S declared Afghanistan a major non-NATO ally today, giving a largely symbolic status to Afghans that they will not be abandoned as the war winds down. The Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced this decision by President Barack Obama during her...  [...]

Still tanked US economy severely affecting Retail and Service sectors


The persistence of high unemployment and anxiety about the weakening economy impacted the sales of major retailers in the US in June this year, which added to concerns among investors about the strength of consumer spending. Analysts had expected 18 major...  [...]

U.S Jobs Report Looms As President Barack Obama Wraps Up Bus Campaign

Obama's Bus Tour

The new jobs report by the Labor Department will release details on unemployment that is looming over Obama’s bus campaign through the swing state of Ohio, as it will set battle lines for the states of Ohio and Pennsylvania. The jobs report that...  [...]

United States Requested Dispute Settlement on China Auto Duties at WTO

US accused China

The United States requested a dispute settlement at the World Trade Organization with China on Thursday, for imposing unfair duties on more than $3 billion in exports of American-produced automobiles. This announcement at the WTO came as President Obama...  [...]

Romney, the Church of LDS and Social Media


Members of the Church of LDS are turning to social media to advance support for Romney It is not new for religious groups and organizations to turn to social media in order to effectively reach their communities and to get charities and donations in a...  [...]

Romney Shifts His Position on Obama’s Health Care Overhaul


Mitt Romney shifted his previous stance on Obama’s health care reform by calling it a tax on Wednesday, saying that requiring all Americans to buy this health insurance amounts to a tax, contradicting his previous stance against Obamacare. Earlier in...  [...]

CNN Polls Show The US Presidential Race Getting Closer


President Barack Obama and Republican rival Mitt Romney are almost tied neck to neck in the voting race after the Supreme Court decision that endorsed health care reform enacted by the president in 2010, according to a survey released yesterday. The CNN...  [...]

Obama Healthcare Plan: Political Victory or Challenge?


US President Obama has termed the recent Supreme Court endorsement to his healthcare plan a victory for the whole country. However, naysayers still strongly believe the so called plan, most commonly known as ObamaCare, would not improve the health system...  [...]