Dropbox Investigates A Possible Hack, Finds Nothing

  on Jul 24,2012 Posted in Technology ,U.S. News
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Dropbox, the online file hosting service has been investigating a possible security flaw in their service since last week. However, according to an update the ongoing probe does not present any evidence that their systems have been infiltrated.

The company which provides free cloud storage service, brought a team of external researchers to examine the complaints that users were receiving spam to their email accounts that they use exclusively with the service. Several users have reported receiving the same spam messages, leading them to believe that the spammers got a hold of their emails through Dropbox.

“To date we have not found any intrusion into our internal systems or unauthorized activity of any kind on any of the accounts associated with Dropbox,” says the San Francisco based company.

As reported by The New York Times last week, the problem arose a couple of days after Dropbox users complained of receiving spam messages in their email addresses associated with the service. The messages received were mostly from scammers and gambling sites disguised as invites from legitimate services. To investigate this, the company hired an external team of experts later last week but so far they have found nothing fishy.

A spokesman from Dropbox today said, “Although we have not had reports of unauthorized activities on Dropbox accounts, we have taken several precautionary steps and will continue to work round the clock to ensure our users’ information is secure.”

Every successful online business becomes a target for cyber-criminals and cloud storage services are not exempt from falling prey. Dropbox has long had problems related to data security and though they use SSL encryption for the transfer and storage of files, users constantly complain about their data getting lost or deleted. The service currently has over 50 million users who save 1 billion plus documents every second day on its platform.




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