Four Appealing Dividend Stocks With Growth Prospect On Strong Financial Health – (WTI, SVM, NSU, HL)

  on Jun 18,2012 Posted in Dividend Ideas
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High dividend yield stocks are alluring for long term investors because the cash payout offers a good margin of safety for the investment. These small cap basic materials stocks can be eye-catching for active long term investors as they maintain good dividend payouts (at least 7%), and high growth in operating and net margin (above 25%).

W&T Offshore, Inc. (NYSE:WTI)is an independent oil and natural gas producer, specifically located in the Gulf of Mexico and Texas. This company pays out a handsome dividend of about 40% and its current market worth is $1.07 billion.

Right now, its price is 22.17% higher than its 52-week low and the overall market sentiment looks positive for this stock. The Houston-based company has an operating margin of 28.63% over the last twelve months, a good sign for its financial health. High recent trading volume can be a positive or a negative. It can be positive as ignored stocks are likely to be undervalued while the negative aspect is that it may be difficult for people to discover this company.

Silvercorp Metals Inc. (USA) (NYSE:SVM) is a $1.08 billion company that engages in the acquisition, exploration, development and mining of silver-related mineral properties in China and Canada.

The Vancouver- based company pays out an attractive dividend of 21.11%. The overall market sentiment appears positive as the company’s stock price is 29.45% higher than its 52-week low. It has an operating margin of 59.56% and net margin stands at 42.54%, a clear sign of the company’s financial strength. Recently, the stock’s trading volume has been higher than average.

Nevsun Resources (USA) (AMEX:NSU) is a gold and base metal mining and exploration company valued at $749.46 million that pays a nice dividend of 9.04%. At $3.74 a share, the price was 39.55% above its 52-week low, usually a positive technical indicator for the company.

On Friday, the stock was traded actively and it is particularly attractive based on its overall financial records.

Hecla Mining Company (NYSE:HL) is worth $1.34 billion and is engaged in discovering, acquiring, developing, producing, and marketing silver, gold, lead and zinc. Recently, shares traded at $34.42 , 27.98% above the 52-week low, a positive technical indicator. The company maintains a good dividend payout ratio of 7.68%.

The company has an operating margin of 35.66% and a net margin of 27.84%.



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