Google Inc (GOOG) Introduces Free SMS Service For African Countries

  on Jul 20,2012 Posted in International ,Technology
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Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) has announced a free Google SMS service that will allow users from some African countries to send and receive text messages without an Internet connection. For now, this service is only available to users from Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya and will potentially be available in other parts of the world where internet communication is not as accessible. This service has been launched primarily to support developing countries that have difficulty to sending and receiving emails.

With the advent of laptops and especially with smartphones, access to email systems has hugely improved, making it possible to send and receive messages anywhere, anytime. However, this requires an active Internet connection and suitable equipment, which is not affordable for people in many under-developed countries. The idea of this free SMS service is to provide the basic messaging facility to some of these people.

According to reports, Google SMS works on any mobile phone regardless if its model or make. The only requirement is to have a Gmail account which is needed to complete the registration process and to activate the service. Google Inc (GOOG) has stressed this service is free, which means there are no additional cost on top of the standard rates for sending SMS.

How this works?

The new Google Inc service connects the Gmail inbox to the mailbox of a mobile phone that has been connected with the service for the email synchronization. When somebody sends the registered member an email to his Gmail account, the SMS service converts that email into plain text and forwards it to the mobile account connected. Users can view the full text version of email and can reply using the same phone. Conversely, the reply gets delivered to receiver’s Gmail account in the form of an email.

Google’s initiative opens the door to many users who have no access to internet or a smartphone, allowing them to use an email service. Increasing opportunities for access to Gmail is conducive to people familiar with the use of relevant technology.


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