Mary Barra may become CEO of General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) in Near Future

  on Dec 17,2012 Posted in Business News ,Finance
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General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) is working with a female product development expert named Mary Barra, which is a total rarity in automobile industry because, product development in auto industry is considered to be a male profession because of its engineering orientation.

But, Barra is world renowned for her capacity to make swift decisions in matter of seconds while driving a vehicle at an exceptional speed. Additionally, the female official of GM according to several media reports is going to be a favorite contender for making CEO of the company in near future.

Nevertheless, industry specialists are amazed by a woman excelling in “not so female industry”. However, Barra negated these beliefs by winning several professional awards during her career in automotive industry.

Furthermore, Barra is also accustomed to accompany number of executives on test track every Friday, where she and her team evaluate the performance of various company’s upcoming products.

Talking about the competitiveness, let’s have a glance over other contending firms of the sector. Shares of Tata Motors Limited (ADR) (NYSE:TTM) surged +0.92% to settle at $26.43, Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) moved up +0.60% to finish at $33.81 while Honda Motor Co Ltd (ADR) (NYSE:HMC) jumped +0.24% to end the trading session at $33.72.

Last session’s traded volume of General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) was 9.66 million shares as compared to its average volume of 8.07 million shares. Company changed hands within the price range of $24.40 – $25.11 in the last trading session.

General Motor’s earnings per share growth ratio this year was 58.46% compared with the 197.00% and -30.70% of Ford Motor Co. (F) and Toyota Motor Corporation (TM) respectively. The PEG ratio (price/earnings to growth ratio) is a valuation metric for determining the relative trade-off between the price of a stock, the earnings generated per share (EPS), and the company’s expected growth. PEG of the firm remained 0.82% while return on assets was 2.91%.

The company generated revenue of $150.94 billion in the previous twelve months and had $4.44 billion in earnings. The stock posted a gross margin of +12.19% whereas operating margin was +3.26%.




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