SunCoke Energy, Inc (NYSE:SXC) made “tangible progress” in its growth strategy

  on Dec 12,2012 Posted in Business News ,Finance
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According the SunCoke Energy, Inc (NYSE:SXC) forecast, its upcoming year earnings will decline as metallurgical coal mining segment’s $40/short ton average sales prices decline.

The Lisle, Illinois-based coke producer recently released annual outlook saying that the adjusted earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization for 2013 will be amounted between $205-230 million. This expected amount is approximately $40-50 million less than that of present year.

SXC declared that it is anticipating that domestic coke production for 2013 will exceed 4.3 million st, indicating another year of 100% capacity utilization. According the company’s estimates coal sales will increase slightly to 1.7 million st from 1.5 million st recorded in 2012.

It was stated by the Fritz Henderson that Ohio, cokemaking operation made a huge contribution to its results.

Moreover, the company stated that it has modified its growth strategy and includes planned cokemaking joint venture with VISA Steel in India and the filing of a permit application to possibly build another US cokemaking facility.

SunCoke Energy, Inc (NYSE:SXC) total value after the recent close was $1.05 billion and the enterprise value according to yahoo data was $1.62 billion. The previous 12 month price to sales ratio was 0.57. The company showed 4.38% as a profit margin in the last twelve months and an operating margin at 7.64%. Return on equity was 14.69% for the last twelve months. Return on assets was 4.21%.

Taking a look at some competitors, total value of Chesapeake Energy Corporation (NYSE:CHK) in the stock market was $11.02 billion and the takeover value of the company was $28.29 billion. The last twelve month price to sales ratio for the company was -3.92. It had a 31.96% as profit margin in the last twelve months and an operating margin at -14.89%. Return on assets was -1.05%.

The total value of Bank of America Corp (NYSE:BAC) after the latest trading session was $113.28 billion and their enterprise value was $139.28 billion. The prior 52 week price to sales ratio was 1.40. The company recorded a profit margin of 6.08% for the prior 12 months and had an operating margin of 8.27%. Return on equity for this stock was 1.85% while return on assets appeared at 0.25%.

Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) market capitalization after the most recent trading session was $43.81 billion and the enterprise value was $120.67 billion. Price to sales ratio for the prior 52 weeks was 0.33.



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